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In Nevada, if you’re convicted of a felony or misdemeanor for domestic battery it is illegal to possess a firearm. A misdemeanor DUI charge can also present serious problems for traveling to Canada and other countries, and, of course, all criminal records can have implications for career prospects, among other issues.

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If your afraid one bad night could affect the rest of your life don’t hesitate on hiring an experienced attorney. Unlike other law firms, I meet with all clients and you will not be getting some associate who has just gotten their law degree.


If you have 3 prior convictions and are facing certain types of a new felony, the penalties are even higher. You could receive a sentence of life without the possibility of parole, life with parole after serving 10 years, or 25 years in prison, with a 10 years minimum before parole eligibility.


Rather than getting an attorney who has a catchy jingle, focus on getting an attorney who will get you what you deserve and take it to court if needed.


DUI cases combine factual issues with legal issues with scientific issues and thus require an experienced, skilled attorney to defend against them.



With experience as a former Las Vegas criminal prosecutor, we understand the criminal system from the perspectives of both prosecution and defense. Because of our experience, we are able to anticipate where your case is headed and can help you make the right choices for you and your family.

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